Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lords of Acid - Lust

LOA member, Belgian studio wizard Praga Khan, produced several of the rave world's biggest hits, under his own name as well as in conjunction with other band projects Digital Orgasm, & Channel X . After meeting producer Oliver Adams in 1991, Khan and Jade 4U formed a production collective known as MNO — short for Maurice/Nikki/Oliver — and recorded a series of British pop hits that year. Aimed between the uplifting spirit of house music and the growing darkside of rave and trance excess, the singles "Running Out of Time" and "Startouchers" (as Digital Orgasm), "Groove to Move" (as Channel X), and "Injected with a Poison" and "Rave Alert" (as Praga Khan Featuring Jade 4U) all made the British charts during 1991-92. The trio's Lords of Acid project began conquering dancefloors as well, with the 1991 single "Take Control" and the Lust LP one year later.
When it comes to bawdy, S&M-fueled rave albums, Lords of Acid's Lust is a classic. Coming across like a twisted mix of Front 242 and the Timelords, Lords of Acid hit all the right notes on this debut album that entertains, shocks, and energizes listeners both on and off the dancefloor. Though Lust works as a competent rave album, which actually caused its music to become almost instantly dated, its disturbing and sometimes violent samples and vocals give it an intriguing quality that extends its shelf life considerably. Their very first LOA single, 1988's "I Sit on Acid" is likely their most well-known classic although the first half of Lust is chock full of further developed classic singles.

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