Sunday, March 2, 2008

Eon - Void Dweller

Mostly the work of Ian Loveday, Eon was an early hit on the acid-house club scene with sountrack-sampling trance hits like "Spice," "Basket Case" and "Light Colour Sound." Loveday was an electronics fan from early on, beginning his recording career during the mid-'80s with a simple setup including only a drum machine and keyboard. His first proper Eon single, 1988's "Light Colour Sound," was pushed along by a close friend, Colin Faver, who played the track during his sets for the noted pirate station Kiss FM. Two singles from 1992, "Basket Case" and "Spice" (the latter sampled Dune), became proper club hits in America as well as Britain, and debut album Void Dweller was an early full-length success for the dance world.

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