Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Hypnotist

part 1& part 2
Classic album by one of the best of Hardcore! Almost a best of!
Can anyone find a biography for this great artist? Nothing in AMG, wiki, or in a search!


Robert Swipe said...

Isn't the creator of these tunes dead? I think he died in 2004 - I was reading his bio last week.

msprim said...

The Hypnotist is actually 2 guys - Caspar Pound and Peter Smith. Caspar Pound / artists (C)
Real Name: Caspar Pound
Profile: Massively influential producer, remixer, and label-boss of Rising High Records, Caspar Pound was a direct descendant of the famous and controversial poet Ezra Pound. Originally from Peterborough, he shot to fame at age 16 with the single 'Total Confusion', and then founded the Rising High and Sapho labels. As 'The Hypnotist' he became a star in Germany, and played at the Love Parade to thousands of ravers.He licensed the Harthouse label to the UK, pioneering German Trance music, a genre then unknown in the UK; and licensed Underground Resistance for their debut UK release. He also kickstarted the careers of many Electronica heroes from Mixmaster Morris to Luke Vibert.

Caspar Pound passed away at his home on 30 April 2004, age 33. Not from his struggle with brain cancer as is commonly reported but of complication resulting from an enlarged heart.

Aliases: Prophet Of Rage, Rising High (2)
In Groups: A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd, Dark Star (2), Dominatrix UK, Dub Collective, Electronic Dub, F Troop, Hardline 2, Hypnotist, The, Industrial High, New London School Of Electronics, Obsessive (2), Pound & Harris, Rising High Collective, Talisman (2), Temple Of Acid, V.I.M., White Trash Gold Diggaz
Peter Smith / artists (P)
Real Name: Peter James Smith
Aliases: N-Trance (2), PJ Dynamix
In Groups: F Troop, Hardline 2, Hypnotist, The, MLO, OBX, Radical Rob, Rising High Collective, Smith / Tye, Talisman (2), Temple Of Acid
Not much info on this guy though. All info is from Discogs.

freewave said...

Thanks msprim! Sorry to hear about Casper....