Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Shamen - 2 Collections

Entire Discography
En Tact (1990)
Boss Drum (1992)

After the psychedelic rock first album, founder Angus immersed himself in the emerging acid house/hip-hop club scene, reshaping the band's sound into a dense, rhythmic pulse that relied heavily on samples, drum machines, and loud guitars. Besides being one of the few early British dance albums worth its weight in artistry as well as sound, En-Tact is a truly historical gathering of the cream of the new dance music; mixing and production come from a cast including Paul Oakenfold, William Orbit, Graham Massey, Orbital, Evil Eddie Richards, the Beatmasters, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Joey Beltram. The Shamen fare well also on their own productions, and the singles "Move Any Mountain," "Make It Mine" and "Hyperreal Orbit" are infectious techno-pop anthems. Their follow-up Boss Drum even improves upon En-Tact's formula with some wonderful singles. Their work is collected here in the two best-of's comps.

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