Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Scientist

The Scientist, (Phivos (Phil) Sebastiane) was working at gigs as a keyboard player in late 80's. At venues such as the Fridge in Brixton Phivos would play alongside the likes of Break beat pioneers, Shut Up and Dance. It was here that record label bods from GTI Records (now Kickin) heard the Scientist at play. They in turn linked up a meeting between the Scientist and up-coming Jungle Don, Dj Hype.
Between them, creating luge tracks such as, The Exorcist, The Bee and Kick Squad (Champion Sound). Phivos would continue to use the tag the Scientist, alongside others such as, Audio Illusion and Pure Science. With much support from Londons Pirates, such as Fantasy FM. The Exorcist reached number One in the Dance charts. And was voted top track by KISS FM, (who had just recently been legalised). The Scientist started to tour Europe, doing live gigs that smashed up the raves and clubs. Later, The name the Scientist was dropped, to be replaced by his present concept, Pure Science.

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