Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Martian

The Martian - Discography

2nd Generation Detroit Techno / Early Trance Artist Collection:

RP-1 Martian, The Meet The Red Planet (12")
RP-2 Martian, The Cosmic Movement / Star Dancer (12")
RP-3 Martian, The Sex In Zero Gravity (12")
RP-4 Martian, The Journey To The Martian Polar Cap (12")
RP-5 Martian, The The Long Winter Of Mars (2x12")
RP-6 Martian, The Ghostdancer (2x12")
RP-7 Martian, The Firekeeper / Vortexual Conceptions (12")
RP-8 Martian, The Particle Shower / The Voice Of Grandmother (12")
RP-9 Martian 044 Prayer Stick (12")
RP-10 Martian, The LBH - 6251876 (CD)
RP-11 Martian, The Revenge Of The Wolf (12")
RP-12 Martian, The Pipecarrier EP (12", EP)
RP7-12 Martian, The Tobacco Ties / Spacewalker (7")


Sankey's Soaps bugged out ! said...

I have been looking for these for AGES ... dont suppose you can add the links / passwords (if ther are any)

keep up the great work !

Hermes said...

I'm looking for these as well! Any help would be wonderful!

illformation said...

A bit late but RP-6 is included in this torrent:

kaplan said...

it's fascinating to know such records exist...I wonder how I could have known that without this bloig...

Träume said...

muy bueno!!!