Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fast Eddie - Jack to the Sound

Fast Eddie aka Eddie Smith is a music producer from Chicago. Before his stint as a producer, he was a DJ that was considered one of the premier house DJs at the time. He gained immense popularity during the heyday of Chicago House Music (1986-1988). During that time, he was spinning on WGCI and WBMX in Chicago. However, during that stint, he produced one of his first singles in collaboration with Kenny "Jammin'" Jason entitled "Can You Dance?" circa 1986.
In 1987, Eddie came out with other house tracks such as "The Whop" based on the dance of the same name. Also, Eddie left WGCI for WBMX for a short stint and then quit that to concentrate on producing. In 1988, Eddie scored one of his biggest hits with "Acid Thunder" on the DJ International Label. "Acid Thunder" is regarded as a classic of the Chicago acid house genre.
However, it was the track "Hip House" which really increased his popularity. Eddie popularized the genre of Hip house (Essentially, rap over house beats) and produced several tracks afterward.
He scored several hits on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the late eighties and early nineties, including "Git On Up" (featuring Sundance), which spent a week at number one in 1989. .
However, Eddie tried his hand at Gangsta Rap in 1990 by forming the group America's Most Wanted and many critics felt he should have stuck to his House Music roots. Later that year, he released "Make Some Noise."

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