Monday, March 10, 2008


SL2 - Dj's Take Control (1991)

SL2 - On a Ragga Tip (1992)

SL2 - Way in My Brain (1992)

SL2 was also one of the most influential acts in the early days of the Breakbeat Hardcore movement by weaving samplings of dancehall, Detroit house, electro/techno, and Drum and bass into memorable nightclub classics. They also played a part in the successful early days of XL Recordings, and even though the act never released a full-length album during their tenure with the record label, most of their tracks can be found on the 'XL Recordings Chapters' compilations, as well as many others.
The duo released their first single, "Do That Dance" in 1990 as a promo. But it was not until 1991 when they scored with their signature 'breakthrough' classic "DJs Take Control," which peaked at number 11 on the British Pop charts that year.
By 1992 the act joined the many rave artists who would crossover to the British Pop charts with a pair of hits that have also become classics in their own right: "Way In My Brain" and "On A Ragga Tip". The latter was also their highest charting hit in their career, peaking at number 2 in the charts in April of that same year. "Way In My Brain", originally a B-Side to "DJs" and was listed together as a single during the former's charted run, recharted via a new remix, peaking at number 28 that summer.

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