Friday, March 7, 2008


Adamski - Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy (1990)

Adam Tinley adopted his stage name after the UFO enthusiast, George Adamski, and began playing live at warehouse parties and raves around London.He signed with MCA by the end of the decade and debuted with "N-R-G," a number 12 hit in the U.K. Adamski enjoyed modest success with his first release, "Live and Direct" which was a collection of tracks recorded live at a small venue in Kentish Town, London. It contained a short, live version of his first single, "NRG" made the charts, his subsequent single, "Killer," wisely forestalled the (recognizable) samples and hit number one -- it featured the collaboration of his brother, programmer and sound engineer, Mark Tinley. "Killer" crossed over into the mainstream music charts, becoming a massive worldwide hit. It is featured on the album, Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy, with follow-up hits such "The Space Jungle" (which was Adamski singing Elvis' "All Shook Up" to a dance backing) and "Flashback Jack".

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