Sunday, March 9, 2008

How to Download Via Ifolder

I'm finding some great hardcore compilations and uploads on a Russian forum and most of these have been hosted on Ifolder. Ifolder could be considered Russia's Rapidshare but unlike all the limitations that hosting has (I've had an account there for months due to the downloading restrictions) you can get files for free without purchasing an account. It is trickier as links and text are in Russian. I've enclosed a handy little guide on how to maneuver through and use it.
If it gives you the initial choice of 4 options (step 1) pick the first option.

Rest of the steps:

Be aware you can download multiple files via Ifolder but they are also a slower download speed then you may be used to. They can timeout but that's rarer then has been reported by some. If a speed is absolutely horrible (dial up speeds) or it timesout you might want to retry later. You might also want to try using a Russian Proxy to get better speeds. I'd recommend not setting your download window to close when it completes to make sure you get a complete file and to check the size of it . Hope this as clear as possible. It's really not that hard.

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