Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Va - True Spirit Tresor Compilation

Looks to be a very good compilation of early Tresor techno tracks by the likes of Jeff Mills and company.
Tracklisting:CD1-01 X-101 Sonic Destroyer (4:57) CD1-02 Jeff Mills Hypnotist (4:33) CD1-03 Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes* 420-Low (5:27) CD1-04 Blake Baxter Ghost (5:24) CD1-05 Maurizio Ploy (Strategic Mix) (5:39) CD1-06 Bam Bam Where's Your Child? (5:13) CD1-07 Vainqueur Lyot (Maurizio Mix) (7:03) CD1-08 Vision, The Projectile Darts (5:05) CD1-09 3 Phase Der Klang Der Familie (6:28) CD1-10 System 01 Drugs Work (4:43) CD1-11 Ingator Skyscratch (Mano Mano) (UR Mix) (5:32) CD1-12 Clock DVA The Hacker (7:26) CD2-01 Jeff Mills Late Night (Mills Mix) (4:49) CD2-02 Joey Beltram Ball Park (DJ Rush First Bass Mix) (6:13) CD2-03 Cristian Vogel Absolute (7:04) CD2-04 Advent, The Sketch O Matic (5:09) CD2-05 Fumiya Tanaka Drive #5 (Edit) (5:16) CD2-06 James Ruskin Version (4:16) CD2-07 Karl O'Connor Guiltless (4:55) CD2-08 Sterac Liteon (5:17) CD2-09 Transllusion Transmission Of Life (4:27) CD2-10 Drexciya Lost Vessel (5:52) CD2-11 Surgeon Intro (Version II) (4:51) CD2-12 Neil Landstrumm Tension In New York (4:05) CD2-13 Tobias Schmidt Wagging Tail (4:05) CD2-14 Cristian Vogel General Arrepientase (5:45) CD3-01 Blake Baxter One More Time (Red Planet Mix) (5:54) CD3-02 Marshall Jefferson Floating (8:32) CD3-03 3MB Die Kosmischen Kuriere (5:39) CD3-04 K. Hand* Mystery (4:38) CD3-05 Tiny Robot Theme From Tiny Robot (5:08) CD3-06 Blake Baxter & Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes* Wisdom (5:52) CD3-07 Model 500 Light Speed (7:19) CD3-08 Optic Nerve Premonition (6:11) CD3-09 Infiniti Raindrops (5:06) CD3-10 Robert Hood Quartz (6:31) CD3-11 Santonio* Deep Cover (House Mix) (5:16)CD3-12 Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes* & 3MB Illuminisim (Sun Electric Edit) (6:21) CD3-13 Joey Beltram Game Form (Mike Dearborn Mix) (4:16)

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