Friday, March 7, 2008

Va - X-Static Volume 4

Tracklisting:A1 2 Unlimited Get Ready For This (Orchestral Mix) (5:31) A2 Ya Ya's, The Looove (Quadromania Mix) (5:01) A3 I.Q.-E.Q. James Who? (Instrumental Mix) (6:02) B1 R.T.Z. Dance Your Ass Off (Original Version) (6:38) B2 C.Y.B.E.R.F.U.N.K. Life At The Wunderbar (5:12) B3 Lenny Dee & Nico Gonna Take You Higher (5:04) C1 Apotheosis O Fortuna (5:10) C2 Kranz Helmut Kohl Ist Tot (Soundbite Mix) (5:25) C3 DJ Keoki Present Disco 2000 Let The Rave Begin (4:32) C4 Tekno Tekno Beep Beep (Get Off Your Ass And Dance) (4:35) D1 80 Aum Mindcontroller (Long Mind Version) (4:40) D2 KA-22 Metamorphism (Party Mix) (4:36) D3 Nico Apocalypse (5:28) D4 Dante Kings (Krishna House Mix) (4:20)

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