Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Top 100 Favorite Remixes of all Time

Bizarre Love Triangle / Bizarre Dub Triangle

Tried to not include any album versions or anything that states "Original Mix". What i did try to include were some historically important remixes, some floor slayers, and a few personal picks that were very underlooked. All of these I can recommend and most really transformed the original track into something different or better. These are all DANCE remixes though. If you want a trip-hop or IDM remix of a song you won't find it here. List is chronological too.

If you see any top notch mixes please recommend them in comments and I may add any that I clearly overlooked. Otherwise my rough draft looks pretty solid I think and I did spend about 4 days on this list off and on. Youtube links added when I could find them.


pone said...

Decent list, from Walter Gibbons to Soulwax. You've got a good eye for the dancefloor through the time.
There aren't any download links, are there?

freewave said...

Nah but I was debating putting them all together and upping. Still considering it but likely it may be more trouble than its worth.

Thanks for the nice compliments, appreciated...