Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eat Static


"As a result of their connection with the Megadog parties, Eat Static signed to Planet Dog Records and released the Lost In Time EP, followed by the albums Abduction and Implant. These albums featured their unique brand of psychedelic electronic music which, while showing the influence of techno, trance, ambient and other dance styles, never simply regurgitated established formulae. They were as happy with straight four-on-the-floor beats (e.g., "Prana" and "Implant") as they were with more breakbeat-like grooves ("Abnormal Interference" and "Dzhopa Dream"). Many of their titles were sci-fi and space-orientated, about which they commented: "We can't take techno as seriously as some purists do..." Over the next few years they performed live and released a number of EPs that pursued their eclectic sounds."

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I grew up on Eatstatic - they were also members of Ozric as everybody probably knows. All my cds of Eatstatic were stolen over 10 years ago, I'd love to hear this again!!